The Principles of Virtual Photography

The point of a virtual shoot is not to recreate what you would in a studio.  The point of a virtual shoot is to do something that would not be possible in a traditional studio shoot or any other medium.   This is rather difficult with a virtual shoot.  So what makes a virtual shoot different?

1) being recorded

How you photograph something changes what you photograph.  The mere act of going on cam and being recorded changes your behavior.  It is this change in behavior that you are trying to capture.  This is rather difficult because you do not know the person you are having the shoot with nor do you know what their normal behavior is like.  That is why you try and break societal rules in your shoot.  This is why I prefer regular women and the role of nudity in my work.

2) real time

What sets a virtual shoot apart from a selfie shoot is that it occurs within a fixed time period and in real time.  This allows the observer to “direct” the subject.  But not in the traditional manner.  This is still a data art project and thus the objective is to gather the widest data set possible.  So what you are directing them to do is get as much data as possible; move away from the camera, move closer to the camera, move the light etc.  You are in essence directing the camera not the person; but since the camera cannot move the person must.  

3) the screen

If you do photograph the screen there has to be a point to it.  You have to be able to create something that you simply could not by simply capturing the screen.  So the medium you replay the video in is important.  The inherent nature of monitors, computer screens, and cell phones need to be explored to learn how they can add to the creative process.


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