The heart of any instagram marketing campaign is content. Without creative and innovative content you are dead in the water. Content is what attracts new followers and keeps your existing followers engaged. As a professional photographer, digital artist, and graphic designer I am an expert in content creation. Content creation is only part of the equation; the other half is content curation. Your instagram page should send a clear and concise message and share a common visual vocabulary. As a magazine publisher and instagram influencer I am an expert on content curation.


Once upon a time you could pay someone $30 dollars a month to run a bot 24/7 and get followers-- those days are long gone. the companies that ran those bots are shut down and instagram drastically changed its rules. with these new changes people also realized this was a very ineffective and inefficient way to market. why?
new instagram rules allow for 1000 follows a day. if all you do is run a dumb bot you are lucky to get 10% of them to follow back. well 100 new followers a day might sound great to you. but who are they? people forget that 80% of instagram users are from outside the us ! so in reality you might get 20 new users in the us and if you have a smaller radius you will probably get none.

i provide a much better solution

step 1: research

the most important part of your instagram marketing campaign is research. the goal of research is two fold. First, you try and find accounts / hashtags / keywords that have the highest % of the users you are targeting. second, you use keywords to separate the users you want from those you don't.

step 2: automation

automation is a tool and i use it as such. depending on how deep you wish to micro target your users automation might play a very small part; for others it might play a larger role. but, as previously stated, automation without human research is rather useless. since i am boutique marketing agency i can manually do what most agencies try and automate to help you micro target and be far more effective and efficient.

landing pages

the final part of an effective instagram marketing campaign is the creation of a landing page in order to capture your new leads. so many marketing campaigns forget this crUcial step. you have spent all of this time, money, and energy into getting new leads but that is all they are leads. you need an effective way to capture these leads and turn them into customers. While Instagram is very good for a lot of things it is simply not as efficient as email for converting leads into customers.

as a web programmer and designer I can help you create not only a creative landing page, but more importantly an effective one.


starting at $250

starting at $1250

starting at $200


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