Hello, my name is
Payam Emrani.

I'm a visual storyteller 
looking for my next project

graph·ic de·signˈ/ɡrafik dəˈzīn,dēˈzīn/

fuh-tog-ruh-fee /

 The challenge with STC-QST was how to visually represent and explain what they do. Furthermore, secondary information had to be included while still staying with the minimalism of a one page layout. This was achieved by hand coding the site in html and css and utilizing bootstrap in order to create a mobile friendly site.

The challenge with LANS was to update an ancient site and create a modern, simple site that conveyed essential information to both prospective members and current members. I utilized wordpress for this project in order to easily update information including meeting times and photos.

Fame in a can (the magazine) is my personal webzine. I created it to not only to showcase my photography but to also create an alternative visual vocabulary to the photoshopped images in our current media landscape. I utilized the tumblr platform because of the simplicity of its backend and the innovation of its themes.

Please contact me to tell your tale