All art will inevitably become abstract art.  Representational art, by its very nature, is limited to only one facet of our existence- what we see.  Abstract art is what we feel.  Abstract art is universal.  Abstract art is taking the human soul and putting it on a tangible medium.  The question then is how does photography become abstract? Can it?

Photography is bound by reality.  If you want to photograph a pink elephant you have to find a pink elephant.  So who then can you have abstract photography?  

I have been trying to figure this out as long as I have been an artist.  This is as close as I have ever been able to get to that elusive goal.  I need to make something clear.  These are not photoshopped images.  Yes I did some manipulation in lightroom but these are not layered images nor are they composites.  All of these effects were done in camera.  This is why abstract photography is so difficult.  You have to find something to photograph that will lead to abstraction.  But you cannot hide the source totally, for if you do then it no longer is photography.  Thus, abstract photography must both be representational and abstract at the same time.  No wonder it is so damn difficult.


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