Model X

When photography became digital the magic died.  A lot of people do not consider photography a real art form because they think everything can be recreated if you have the right camera, software, or watch the right youtube video; it is all digital trickery.  For most people something is art if they cannot do it themselves.  In some ways they are correct and in many ways they are incorrect.  But I wanted to try and create something that could not be replicated; that was in many ways impossible.

The effect you see in this abstract photo (and all abstract photos in this blog) were all done in camera.  But even if you knew the camera settings and how it was all technically done that is only half of the equation.  I used a really clever and unusual way to create the motion.  Finally, the moment that was captured can also never be duplicated.  

I think the main point of all of this is not to show off but to remind people that photography is an art form and it can create the impossible.

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