We left off asking what is the role of the photographer in our new “Truth” paradigm? Does the photographer even have a role?  I think the answer is that we have to create an art world in which multiple ideas exist at the same time.  We also have to create new art forms.  So this new paradigm does not replace what a traditional photographer is, we need both of them.  But this new paradigm provides a digital artist with their most precious commodity- data.

Digital art at its heart is the collection and manipulation of data.  For me personally what I seek to do is find the inherent story in an image and highlight it.  Photos speak to me but I understand that is not the case for everyone.  So I try and make the story I see more accessible to others.  

This is a perilous tightrope walk.  On the one hand you need to change a photo to highlight certain aspects of it but on the other hand you still need to keep its raw original quality.  What I try and do with all of my photos is make the viewer feel what I felt when I took that photo.  

It is kind of interesting and weird doing the same thing with this project because I never took the photo.  I guess I am playing the role of a mind reader.

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