Maria Gutierrez

Obfuscation.  One of the main questions of this project is how much do you change the photos from the original?  How much do you hide the fact that they are selfies.  Am I trying to replicate as close as possible what I would do in traditional photoshoot or am I trying to create something distinct?  The answer, as I progressed through the project, became both.  Some photos are mere data to me, something I can manipulate in a way to tell my story.  The process of them being selfies was important but that aspect did not add anything to the photo.  Others like this, I wanted to preserve and highlight  the fact they are selfies.  One of the main points of this project is to elevate selfies from low art to the same level as my traditional photography projects.  I want to inspire people to create their own art.  I want people to stop fetishizing camera equipment and instead just create- but I want intentionality and thought behind that creation.

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