Julie Santamaria

This is why I do what I do.  The first issue of this magazine was about social media and sadness.  About how what we see, even though we know it is fake and manipulated, still changes our perception about ourselves.  I think the biggest mistake we make is we assume we are all brain; that our animalism has been totally eliminated.  Our survival was based on the simple fact that what we saw was true.  This is still retained in our dna and hard wired into our brains.  Thus, when you see a photoshopped file that part of your brain says it is true.  Furthermore, the biological imperative in you says women who look like that will be biological successive and you have a further drive to look like the fake photo.  It is time to change the narrative.  Post and share photos that are different.  No photoshop / no makeup.  Sad photos.  Dark photos.  Above all else original photos.  Let the young women out there see all of the colors in the rainbow and see all forms of beauty.  And if they do not see themselves, empower them to create their own art.

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