Is abstract art random?  

The answer depends on the artist.  For me it is random.

I have absolutely no idea what the final photo will look like.  When the subject is moving around I have no idea what that will do or what type of image it will create.

For me this is data art.  During the facetime session I try and record as much data as possible.  I have the subject move in as many ways as possible.  

So the second question is does it matter what the subject does?  If this is truly random does it matter how the subject moves?  What the subject wears? If the subject wears nothing?  What the subject does during the shoot?

The answer is yes.  Abstract art shouldn’t actually be called abstract art.  Abstract art is about taking something abstract, primarily emotions, and making it tangible / concrete.  So in this sense what the subject does is rather important.  In essence they are inspiring me.  I then take that emotion I feel while viewing them, mix it up with my own emotions, and generate the work.  

In many ways these are self portraits.

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