I never know what the final product will be when I start a shoot.  The main reason is I do not want to limit my imagination.  You would think that the final result would thus always be the same but somehow it is usually radically different than what I even could imagine.  I think art wants to be created.  I think art exists in the ether and artists are like radios who are tuned into that ether and can just follow instructions.  If an artist ever tells you what they created is exactly what they envisioned they are either a liar or a terrible artist.  

I am just in awe with these photos.  I seriously have no idea how these came to be.  My process starts with the recording of the FaceTime session– a person in a room, very ordinary and non-descript.  I then replay that video and photograph it.  I do not choose a specific section.  I really do try and be as hands off as possible; let things just be.  The magic really starts in lightroom.  Photography has to be anchored in reality but I do think we can float in the clouds a little.  

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