Is this the final boss?  I think I might have gotten to the final stage of abstract photography; I have abandoned the human form altogether.  Modern art is like an iceberg– you only see ten percent of it.  You never see the process.  Yes, I could create a detailed post of what I did and how I got here, but I want to preserve the magic.   I do not care if people replicate my work.  There is just something about explanation that makes it less magical and for me the magic is the most important part.  But I will go into the process a little.

Yes I did use a colored filter to achieve the red.  The yellow is a happy accident and a byproduct of light.  Yes there was a model, thank you Lauren, but in the end she turned out to be the paintbrush and light the paint.  I just find it really magical that you can take ordinary reality and get this from it, simply by manipulating light.  

Now comes the hard part of figuring out how to move ahead from this and create something new.

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