I want to spend my time creating art; not figuring out the latest instagram algorithm.  I want a real community of like minded artists; not a bunch of random followers on instagram.  I want to share my art the way I want to; not in a censored fashion to appease advertisers.  So I’ve decided to create my own print magazine.  But why go through the expense and hassle of a print magazine?  Because, the days of the internet being a true democracy are long gone.  In our current social media landscape, it is impossible for me, as an artist, to get my work seen and in turn create a real community.  But it is more than that.  The reason the guru lives on top of the mountain is because he/she knows what is important is the journey up the mountain; by the time you have made the arduous task up the mountain you have already found your answer.  This is my way of living on top of the mountain; I hope you visit me.

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