Photography is like an iceberg you only see 10% of it; what you are missing is the process.  The biggest misconception, the general public has, about photography is that all photographers work the same; nothing could be further from the truth.  I actually have an confession to make, I’m a data artist not a photographer.  So what is the difference?

What is data art?

Data art is the recording of the emotional state of both the photographer and subject using the photographic medium.

It differs from the general publics’ understanding of photography in that it does not seek to tangibly create a concept or an idea the photographer has. The subject is not doing x in order to create y. There are no concepts. In an allotted time frame the photographer simply records the subjects emotional state and overlays their own. The subject engages in x in order to find out what y will be.


1) Photo shoot: There is no to very little direction given to the subject. The emphasis is on storytelling through the use of light.

2) Curation: I go through the photos and try and create a visual story. The subject also provides their input.

3) Editing: Once images are selected, they go through photographic edits. No photoshop is used– the subjects body is not distorted in any fashion; there is no alteration to blemishes or skin.

Using Format