The first brave subject for the magazine.  It takes bravery to be the subject of any photographer, but it takes a special level of bravery to be my subject.  I think most people think the life of a model (or being photographed) is this glamorous process that involves hair and makeup and an amazing location.  Bright and happy and beautiful photographs. After the photoshoot the photographer does some photoshop magic and you look amazing.  My process and work is nothing like this.  

No hair and makeup.  A small, dingy detached garage in Woodland Hills, CA.  Dark and sad photos.  Absolutely, no photoshop.  In fact when I do my photography edits I bring out the sadness of the photo.  

My motto has always been ART=truth. My work is an exploration of what happens when you strip away all of the layers and lower our boundaries.  Who are we left with then?   

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